All I Need Is Thread

Yesterday while waiting to pick my kids up I decided to arch my brows since I had about 30 minutes to spare. So while pulling out the tweezers, they fell between the seat where I couldn't reach them. And after 10 minutes of trying I just gave up, but not on my eyebrows. I pulled a piece of thread that was hanging from my shirt and started threading my eyebrows. It was a rough start but I was determined to make it work because I had no time to stop by salon to get them waxed.

To my surprise and after a few hiccups, I got it, I got it! I finally got it to work and I was super excited about the results. I don't think I will ever spend another dollar on arching my brows.

People asked me how did I learn to thread...I watched Youtube. It has everything! lol
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you did a good job! nice arches. tweezing, i could do, but i can't thread myself.

I hate tweezers. They look like the devil to my eyebrows. Lol, so I started threading. :D I like threading...but I found something BETTER! SUGAR WAXING! I love sugar waxing. Of course you'd need some time to do it, but I love it. :D It's great. I learned from youtube too. :}

youtube is exactly how I learned too and I never spend money getting em done. I don't realize that I'm saving $15 to get them threaded at a salon. :)

Since I live in a small town and can't get back to Chicago on a regular basis to get mine done (in Little India, a.k.a. Devon Avenue between Western and California, $7 including tip), I have had to learn how to thread my own eyebrows. It's surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it! Thanks YouTube!

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