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ABC's Nightline and Steve Harvey are coming to Atlanta tonight to ask, "Why can't a successful black woman find a man?" and you're you can be part of the audience.

According to, "Steve Harvey and "Nightline's" Vicki Mabrey will co-moderate a live debate at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center in Decatur on Friday, April 9. Doors open at 6 p.m. for the taping for the "Nightline Face-Off" and the first 600 attendees will be seated."

So if you are interested in being part of this event, get there early.

Side note: I would be remissed if I didn't add my two cents. Personally, I think they are beating the topic to death. I know plenty of successful married black women, so I don't understand why national attention has to be brought to such a personal matter. But, hey-that's just my two cents. What's yours?
3 Responses:

I agree with your two cents... I'm tired of hearing about this "situation"... especially when it seems to be a cycle with no resolution. Plus, I can't relate lol.

UC, I am so with you on this. I saw this in the AJC the other day and just heeved a big sigh.

I'll take it even further though. Why does it have to be a black man? I'm just sayin'.

On top of which, all races of women have issues. As a matter of fact, all women and men have issues.

Steve Harvey was already on a previous episode discussing this same "plight" a few months ago. His advice was for Black women to consider dating older men. What a genius idea. I'm sure that no one had even thought of that before *rolls eyes*

He also noted that it's "ridiculous" for professional Black women to desire men of equal social status. I wonder though, why is it ridiculous? Are White and Asian women ridiculous for desiring men of equal social status?

It's so sad that these useless & hopeless segments have to be shown to the mainstream public. All it says is that people like Steve Harvey believe that Black women don't deserve anything and should "compromise" (i.e., "settle").

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