Chrisette Michelle Goes Bald

Chrisette Michelle showed up to her performance at Albany State University donning a bald head. Right before her performance she said she stopped by a local barbershop and decided to shave it all off. Here's what she said in a recent interview:

"I was tired of black sistas feeling subject to having their hair pressed and straightened, and damaged with relaxers, and heat. So I wanted to make short and nappy hair fashionable, and let the industry know that there is nothing wrong with the texture that we have been born with. So I plan to grow it out to the big beautiful nappy hair that I have.”

What are your thoughts? Would you take such a drastic measure?
8 Responses:

I love her for doing this!!! Taking a stand for our natural hair!!! :-)

I love it! I love her! I could not do it, but I give her mad props for doing her!

Sometimes I feel like chopping mine off and starting over again. Sigh. Sometimes. She looks great!


I wonder what made her have this revelation, seeing how she DID start out as natural, and I believe she straightened her hair and started wearing weaves so that she wouldn't automatically be placed into the "neo soul" category.

But definitely props to her.

Props to her!!! I think every woman has thought of doing the chop at one point or another. Hair is hair a complicated thing but sometimes you just have to go back to the basics.

Go Chrisette!!! I did the big chop on March 19, 2010 and I love it! I started a new job the next Monday and I don't feel self-conscious for being the only black face AND with a short tight curly afro like I thought I would. I think our natural God-given beauty shows through with our hair in its natural state. The less hair covering the face, the more your features shine through. Chrisette has gorgeous big eyes so she can't really go wrong and with a voice like hers, PLEASE!!!! Rock your stilettos and strut your natural stuff. She started all the mohowk funky spiky colored cuts of last summer so I'm interested to see what this summer will bring. Sorry so long ;)


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