Curling Me Softly

Lauryn Hill made an appearance at the Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala rocking softly touseled curls. Absolutely love the look, sans the brows, but she can get away with anything in my book. Love her!


6 Responses:

She looks gorgeous. I miss her :-(

what a beauty...the brows are ummmm. OK!

I think everyone agrees about the eyebrows lol. . .but she still looks amazing. I'm in love with the hair

She's so beautiful even with the mega bushy brows!! You are right she can do no wrong!!

She looks great! It's good to see her looking gorgeous! Yeah it would be great to see her back making music, but I do pesonally believe that some things just have their run and when you try to "reproduce" them the result comes out bad...So many artists made great music back then, and when they "come back" it's not as good. We just gotta let it be!

She will remain one of the most beautiful person I have ever seen.

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