I Got A Cut!


I did it. I finally gave in and got a few inches cut off of my hair on Saturday. Nothing drastic but much needed because my hair had absolutely no shape. So my stylist Keenya added layers to give it a little needed volume. I haven't tested the cut with my curly hair yet, I will do that later this week. But she cut it in a way that will make my curls pop...so I will keep you posted.
9 Responses:

Gorgeous doll..i wish my hair was cut like this..

You look fabulous! Can't wait to see it on your curls.

Who cut your hair if you don't mind? I'm in desperate need of a new shape. I have naturally curly hair and I'm over the afro look...want something more edgy and creative w/o chopping it off. Your cut looks like it will look really nice curly. Just realized you were in GA.

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