Shea Moisture Gets 4 Stars

This is one of the products from the Shea Moisture product line that I talked about in my post yesterday. I wanted to use it for at least 24 hours before I began raving about. And I did, and I love it. It is so worth the $9.99 and some.
I actually used it on my 4 year old daughter's hair because right now my hair is blownout. She has very thick, but parched curls. I have been using a mixture of coconut oil and conditioner to set her hair daily. But it wasn't cutting it any longer. So this is why I grabbed the Shea Moisture when I saw the natural ingredients and the PRICE. When I got home, I immediately applied it to her dry hair, detangled it and braided in four big braids. Fast forward 24 hours, I unraveled her hair is I could still feel the moisture throughout each braid. This stuff is good!
After visiting the Shea Moisture web site, I realized I have used their lines of lotions before and loved them too. So I will definitely revisit Target and stock on this line.

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I'm looking forward to trying this product. I bought their shea moisture mist product and i love it. I think this line is definintely going to be a keep for Target.

I am definitely planning on trying these products out! I'm heading to Target right after work!

YES IT DOES! They were just about out of everything else at my Target (except for expensive Miss Jessie's) so I grabbed a bottle of the curl and style milk. So happy I did. It smells amazing and my hair didn't go back to being crunchy dry like many milks usually do. I didn't wanna use heavy products all the time & I'm glad I found it.

Thanks for this review. I'll definitely check them out.

I picked some of this up this morning. I was excited while reading the ingredients. After working out, I threw my hair into a bun and applied this on dry hair. A first for me. My wide-tooth comb glided through my hair easily. Loved how this moisturized and gave my bun a nice sheen.

Thanks for posting on this product.

This stuff is great. My hair feels nice and soft...and smells great. Only thing is my hair is soooo thick; I need gel to stop if from going crazy puffy.

I love using Shea Moisture Shea butter as a leave-in. The PJ in me is saying I should go visit Target this weekend. :0/

I have the deep treatment masque and I love it! Really smells AMAZING!! My boyfriend, who NEVER comments on my hair-ventures because he's thinks I'm a fanatic, commented on the great smell. It was also really moisturizing. I'm looking forward to using it again!!

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