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So I finally made it to Target last night to check out Miss Jessie's and the Curlz line of products. I didn't intend to buy since I am still stocked up, I just wanted to see the availability, price points, etc. To my surprise, these two lines were joined by Jane Carter Solution and another brand that I have never heard of called, Shea Moisture. Needless to say, I almost jumped for joy at the availability of these lines right in my local target. No more waiting a week for orders.

For those who have been asking for pricing, Miss Jessie's line mirrors their regular pricing. Target carries most of our favorites, so I was happy with the selection. The Curlz line pricing was very attractive starting around the $9.99 range. I was tempted to buy something from this line but I wasn't impressed with the selection.

So I moved on to check out this never heard of brand called Shea Moisture (4th and 5th shelf). What a selection! What a price point starting at the $9.99 range also. So I picked up some styling creme from this line. I will dish about it later.

Overall, I'm happy and will certainly go back to Target to purchase and support these brands. Have you been yet?
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I was delighted to here that Miss Jessie's and Curlz were both being sold at Target. I also saw the Shea Moisture, because I had heard good things. I usually use Kinky Curly's Curl Creme, and so far, Curlz has not measured up... apparently it's not formulated the same way as the product they sell online. Please tell us how the Shea Moisture works out - I am anxious to hear!

Ooops - I meant to say "I also saw Shea Moisture, but decided to try Curlz, because I had heard good things..."

It has sold out in less than a week at my Target :O(

When I went to my local Target, there was nada! Not even a shelf. I asked and they said they hadn't even gotten in the Curlz line yet. Booo!!

Wow...this is pretty exciting! I'll definitelty have to stop by my local Target and check out the product lines. I can't say I'm too familiar, but I'm a product junkie, so I'm always on the outlook for a new product.

I just want to know why Louisville, KY was overlooked! We have a multitude of people who have gone natural.

i too live in louisville, ky and i am sad by the fact that we were overlooked. i noticed that the closet target store to get any of these products is in indy. what's the deal here?

yea i saw these lines too at Target. I am most interested in the Siper slip detangling shampoo from Miss Jessies. And the Shea moisture line. I have the leave in conditioner and I like it.

You must've went early my Target is always sold out of Miss Jessies

Shea Moisture is great! It's an organic line of black soap and shea butter soaps and lotions mixed with coconut, lavender, chocolate, vanilla, hisbiscus, wild flower, carrots or other yummy ingredients. They smell GREAT!!! I don't know if they make hair products or not, bc they only sell the soaps and lotions in Duane Reade (NYC and NJ), but just like Miss Jessie's and Jane Carter...I'm SO glad they've expanded to Target!!! This is definitely worth the $10!

Though I am excited that these textured lines have decided to make offerings in Target stores I am disappointed that they have decided to only distribute to select stores. Yes, they are well known enough now to distribute to mass retailers but what about the suburbs! In order for them to utilize this resource they need to be nationally distributed.

ok, i know a lot of people are made and irritated that target is not carrying the products in all stores. but we have to remember that this is a business. the stores that they have chosen are test markets. they have to see how well the product sells and once they gauge the market they can figure out how much to stock and where to stock. You can't just stock everything everywhere. Product would either get waisted or there would not be enough in other areas. please think about that before you complain and feel slighted. it is not about the man against all naturals, it is about what is going to sell and what is not.

I am from Louisville and there are a couple of salons that carry Miss Jessie's. I don't know anything about the Curlz Line.
Nu-Image Salon on 713 S. 4th St.
Hair Strobel 3120 Frankfort Ave.
I am assuming that they didn't get any Miss Jessie's because we have two salons in our city that sell it. Indiana has no salons that sell the product. So they decided to put it in the Target there. Hope this helps all my louisville people out!!

The one closest to my home had a few of the products. The one near my office had all the products. I am looking forward to trying the SheaMoisture line. I have their Shea Butter Leave-In.

I now no longer have to go to my health food store for Jane Carter. Her replenishing conditioner is awesome for my hair.

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