Wish Your Stylist Knew More?

It's a big decision to go natural, but in many cases an even bigger decision to part ways with your regular stylist because he or she is unable to accommodate your new found texture. Well, Naturally Curly has partnered with Modern Salon and Curl Stylist to create Texture Magazine.

The magazine is everything Texture showcasing some of our favorite curl experts like Dickey, Miko and Titi Branch and Maisha Dellinger of Curls. What a great way to introduce your stylist into the world of Texture if they are not there yet.

So next time you're in the salon, don't forget to recommend this magazine to your stylist.

You can preview the magazine here.
2 Responses:

I love this, but it's unfortunate if stylists aren't already educated on curly hair. I'll speak on the stylist side of things to day that if know how is lacking it's because the client base wasn't there in the past. Yet I went to beauty school in the 90's and we learned it all. I think that can go in the how to choose a good stylist category also, asking questions about their curly hair knowledge as well as ways they're continuing education which is important.

And recommending this mag is a great idea not downplaying that, it just struck me weird reading people have to go to the stylist with something like this when the stylist should be doing these things ongoing.

Just found your blog today! Love it, and submitted to you to be a contributer.

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