Hot or A Hot Mess: Janet Edition

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A hot mess and it makes her look old!

I'd have to get a closer look before giving my true opinion. Lawd knows I loves Janet. However, from this angle it looks pre-Jermaine-ish.

She is HOT! I've got a better picture that you can see her new hair-style. I love it and it says she redefining who she is.

Her hair line looks like its been very damaged

I love it instead of all that weave in her hair( although she looks good with it ), I believe this is just a bad picture look at the angle. Im pretty sure we are going to start seeing a lot of stars doing the BC. I also think thats just how her hairline is I remember seeing it the same way on "Goodtimes" when she played Penny.

...ugh. She looks like she's trying to be in the "shaved head" scene. And ionno WHAT is in her hair, but it doesn't look right. If looks like it's greased down like the Greasers.Yuck.

it would look better without all the gel

I love it! There are better photos of the cut on tmz and other sites. It actually looks really cute up close and she looks younger in the other photos that I viewed.

WOW, I was NOT ready for this. I think it's pretty hot on her. I think the Jacksons' hair in general is just thin like that. Maybe she had some damage, maybe not, but either way, she's shed of all that weave. You know there are going to be some good pics of her new cut and there are going to be some bad ones. I say more power to her. I did the big chop and it was no small feat! GO JANET!

It looks cute here-

Her hair is a bit thin, but reducing or swapping products might help it look fuller.

OMG! It does NOT make her look old! Quite the contrary! She looks gorgeous with it.

I don't think that's her natural texture but I still like it.

Dang...this story sure is making the rounds on the natural hair blogs... :)

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