It's Just Hair

Chrisette Michelle recently sat down with VIBE and explained her reason behind her big chop and declare "it's just hair". Here's an excerpt of the article.

When I got signed I was natural. I’ve been natural three times [since]. My hair grows super fast so you’ve seen me with my hair to my shoulders and you’ve seen it short but you guys have only seen me for three years and in that thee years time, you’ve seen me with a millimeter of hair, you’ve seen me with 14 inch hair, you’ve seen me with 16 inch hair so it’s tough to say that I’m a short hair girl or a long hair kind of girl. I’m definitely a stickler for playing with my hair a lot more than the average girl. But one thing I do love is to show my face so even when my hair is long, I wear a lot of ponytails and I wear my hair back. I love to show my face, it makes me feel like I have to be honest and that all I have is me, and I’m not hiding behind anything.

Whatever the reason Chrisette, I think it's fabulous! Read the full article here.
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