Is Claudia's Fro Offensive?

According to the Huffington Post, "Karl Lagerfeld put together 20 years worth of photos of Claudia Schiffer. The "portfolio" is available with six different covers featuring different Claudias from sexy secretary to biker chic, but also included is an image of Schiffer in darker makeup and wearing an afro." The Huffington Post has a poll asking if the cover with the afro and dark makeup is offensive. What are your thoughts?
11 Responses:

She is also doing one as an Asian too. I don't see it as offensive. Actually, I'm happy that someone is recognizing that this is what African-Americans look like. We aren't born with long straight weave. This post is not making fun of us.

I agree, why would this be offensive? no way does it insult blacks.... People need to get over these types of issues!

It's beautiful. I think she looks nice.

The hair doesn't bother me its the dark make up like some one said before "Here's when blackface is okay... When you have a black face!"

@annonymous at 11:55am, I totally agree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the afro but the dark makeup is definitely offensive given the history behind it. Historically, whites painted their faces black to make fun of and demean blacks. Bottom line, rock the fro but get rid of the dark makeup.

I love the afro look on Claudia. By her wearing that look it says that we (black people) are beautiful as well.

If she had left that out, you can be sure someone would have complained that our hair wasn't good enough.

Kudos to Claudia. I love it!

Whatever black people get over the past. The reason why we continue to fail is because we harp on history. History is over, and yes it repeats itself, but god move on.

She also has an asian costume, but i bet no one cares!

It doesn't bother me at all I like, black women can wear their hair straight so white women can put on an afro.

and I agree with Anon 4:37 Black people move on.

I think her photos were all very beautiful and tastefully done, including the afro. I am not offended.

I think this particular photo is beautiful.

it wouldnt have been offensive if she wasnt in blackface...

i think afros look good on everyone ahahaha, but the black face has got to go...

and yet the fashion industry makes it so hard for black girls to be hired. sad

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