Curl Pattern on Coppola

Before Keratin

On Keratin

I finally got around to getting a shot of my hair while wet and this is the result of my curl pattern on Keratin. As you can see, it is noticeably looser than the first picture (taken about two years ago before my hair cut). There are some areas that I am gonna have to tweak when styling because the curls are too loose even non-existent. Otherwise, not bad. I was afraid that it was going to be completely straight.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep on my hair before it dried and now it's a matted mess, so I will follow up with another picture of my hair styled.

Happy Monday Ladies!

4 Responses:

your hair was gorgeous before the keratin...

Thanks. I like the loosened pattern too, but I'm praying that my natural pattern is not disturbed once this wears off.

so is there a chance that your natural pattern will come back? or are you stuck with this level of loosening? because i dont mind the loosening, but the fact that is is uneven is what really bothers me

I like the tighter curls better

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