Hot or a Hot Mess | Kelis

Kelis at Elle's Women In Music Issue Celebration rocking short, red curls. Ladies, what are your thoughts. Did she hit it or miss it?


11 Responses:

HOT! I saw her last night in Montreal and she was great!!

I love Kelis's style. She does what she feels and isn't a slave to the fashion game.
I say, "Do your thang,Girl. Do your thang."

Still a mess, but looks much better than the grey mullett.

I say FAB FREAKING FIERCE!!!! Love this color and I want it!!! Love Kelis.

I love her hair cut. Any color on her is fine- I even liked the grey..thought it was hot.

Her cut and clothes look great. I think her color should have been redder to go better with her skin tone.

looks the f*** fabulous!!

I like it! She's looking much better than before...the red curls are hott!

I love Kelis always have and always will. Though I do not agree with every single one (I miss her big full curls from before) I feel that this look is a step in that direction. I love the color and she looks great. And on another subject, thank you for your blogs daily reminders that my natural not always slick hair is beautiful!

I miss the Kelis hair from the milk shake days. THIS IS A HOT MESS

she sure hit it!

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