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I recently paid a visited to the natural hair care salon Too Groovy in Atlanta. My desired look was a curly ‘fro. The stylist Kisha* achieved the look by 1)shampooing and conditioning my hair 2) detangling and blow drying my hair 3)applying flexi-rods 4)sitting me under the dryer for nearly an hour 5)removing the flexi- rods and separating the curls. The results were awesome. The curls were uniformed and bouncy.

Since transitioning to natural hair ten years ago, I have found it difficult to find a stylist that can actually style natural hair. My hair is incredibly thick and long. I have even had stylist give up midway through styling my hair. Kisha* was a trooper. She was fast and talented. However, I had a problem with the pricing.

My trip to the salon cost me $115. That price knocked the wind out of me. I was under the impression that it would be a lot cheaper. While booking my appointment I asked the reception if the salon had a standard list of prices or if the stylist would determine their own price. I desired a shampoo, cut, and curly style. I was quoted a price that would be from $70 - $80. Plus, that price included the cut.

Also, let me mention that Too Groovy offers free consultations to determine a price and to gauge how long the process will take. My consultation was cancelled due to the stylist becoming ill. I was late the day of my appointment due to an accident and two lanes closed off on the highway. So my stylist didn’t have the time to cut my hair. We agreed on a shampoo and style.

When Kisha* was done she walked me over to the receptionist to pay. I was told by the receptionist that the price was $115. I asked her why was the price so high then she went back to ask the stylist for a breakdown of pricing. Kisha* stated that her rod sets start at $90, plus she charged $15 extra to blow dry my hair. Being charged to get my hair blow dried is unheard of to me. Shouldn’t that be a part of the service? I told the receptionist what I was quoted over the phone and she said that they are never supposed to give quotes over the phone and whoever gave me that price had made a mistake.

Also, after calling back to the salon to speak with a manager I was told by a receptionist that every first time client gets 10 percent off their first visit which I never received. There was no offer to discount me at my next visit or refund any money. The response was pretty much like, “You received your style so…..” I never got to speak with a manager but the receptionist said that she would relay my message. Later I posted a complaint on the salon’s website.

Tell me whose responsibility is it to initiate style pricing conversation. Is it the client or the stylist?
* Stylist name changed
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I would have brought cash and paid what I was quoted over the phone. Never overpay!!!

yes I would have paid what was quoted also. It is the stylists Job to tell you the cost upfront. It is good for the client to double check but anytime something new is introduced, you need to be told of the price.

115 and no weave involved in this?? That is crazy! I hope you didn't tip! Thanks for the heads up I have placed them on my Not to do list. That is a ridiculous price for a rod set and we are still in a recession.

No cut either? Their "mis"manager needs her but whipped for that one. At the VERY LEAST she could have offered you a discount on your next visit, so she wouldn't lose a client. Dumb on her part.

I think that you should go in to speak with a manager, I'm sure you'll get nowhere over the phone. And lesson learned the hard way also I always ask before I begin with a specific stylist how much the appt will cost because I've had a stylist deviate from the pricelist before too.

I'm sorry to hear that happened. Your flexirod set is fly though. Was it necessary to blow dry your hair first, and how long did the set last?

Hi, this is Terea M. Sadly, the set only lasted for 2 days and that's because I got caught in the rain without an umbrella.

Wow! I've heard about Too Groovy in Atlanta so I knew they were expensive, but not that much for a style that could've been achieved at home. I would've had to get more from the manager than a "Well...", thats bad customer service which is bad business

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