SATC2: The Hair and Me

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to go see SATC2. I am a true SATC fan that has never missed an episode the show or a movie. So my expectations were really high and the sequel did not disappoint. I realize that some people still have not seen the movie, so I am not going to say much more than that-other than it's a must see.

As always, the fashion was sickening, but for the first time I really admired the hair. I'm not sure if it was because I'm more into hair now, but throughout I was more interested in Carrie's hair more than her fashion. I know, what's wrong with me? I'm a hair blogger, suit me! lol

I really liked the deep waves she sported and kept wondering if her style was created by Bantu Knot Out or a barrel iron. So I did a little research and found how to get the look. It's a look that will look best on long hair but can also be created on bob length hair.

Start out with a basic blow out using a styling lotion like Bumble and Bumble Styling lotion.

Using a curling iron with a 1 ½ barrel, wrap hair around the iron without opening it and securing it under the clamp.

After unraveling the curl from the iron, pull the curl out by running your fingers through it.

Repeat around entire head

Btw, as far as my hair, I just wore a basic blowout the movie, nothing fabulous. But here's what I wore:
I've gotten a lot of compliments on the shirt. Believe it or not, I purchased it almost 5 years ago from (which has now closed) for about $180. Jeans by Gap $68 and leopard shoes by Paris Hilton $98. Handbag by Gucci (priceless).

5 Responses:

You look so cute. I love white jeans with natural colors.

You look great. I haven't seen the movie yet. Me n my girls are scheduled to see it in a couple weeks. I can't wait as I'm a SATC fan. :D

U look gorgeous! and ur hair is amazing...I liked Carrie's hair as well. the fashion was amazing.

I agree, I was loving her waves the entire time.

How often do you blow out ur hair? I'm trying to incorporate it into my regiman at times. Do u have a tutorial on ur site for it?

I guess I should add that I mean *before* your keratin treatment

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