Blonde Ambition | Maya

Maya recently unveiled her new blonde tresses. What do you think? Do we love this look?
10 Responses:

ii LOVE her hair color and her curls...she looks hawt ;))

I like it but she looks like everyone else (meaning every other R&B singer)
Which further proves my point...all R&B singers must go's in their contract. *insert sarcasm*

Cute! I just hope she maintains and keeps it healthy. When Christina Milian went blonde her hair started to thin. No bueno.

i dont like it.

i think she looks great go Mya!!!

i usually don't like black blonds but it rock on Mya!!

Hair should compliment skin tone, not match it. Don't like, but she's pretty.

I absolutely love Mya, and I hate this look. Her natural dark color makes her look so much more exotic, and, dare I say...unique? At least among R & B types, as a previous poster mentioned. I think the blonde is a natural progression for Beyonce, whose hair was already a lighter brown. But Mya should celebrate her eastern heritage and rock her dark hair. She's still fabulous though. Mwah!

Can't get enough of her curls! No matter what hair color she sports, her curls always look great. :-)

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