The Denman: Modified


Last week, I did a post about my experience with the Denman brush. I purchased it for my daughter's hair but tested it out on my own and loved the results of my curls. However, like many of you know that if not properly used, it can rip your hair right out of your head.

Well one of our readers, Tia suggested modifying the brush to allow the bristles to work through more easily. It tried this over the weekend and all I can say is Thank you, Tia for the suggestion because it worked perfected on my daughter's hair.

Here's how to modify your Denman:

-Separate the bristles from the base of the brush by gently sliding the bristle casing upwards
-Remove every other row of bristles
-Close the bristle casing and slide back into the brush
6 Responses:

Yea!!! I'm glad it worked!

I've done this also and love the results. Glad its worked for you, too.

Just did this with my Denman, I'm glad to be able to use this brush again! I've had it forever and am finally happy with results it gives! Thanks!

Hi. This is my first time here and I will definitely keep coming! Just a quick question: does the modified Denman still give good curl definition?
Phoebe (Nairobi - Kenya)

There are many different Denmams. The one that is probably best for you is the one with 5 rows instead of 7 or 9.

I did this to my Denman last year & went one step further by cutting off every other bristle in each row. I'm still not crazy about this brush & seldom use it. My hair is a delicate fine textured 4a/b & it still pulls out some hair. My hair is fairly easy to detangle & I can get the job done very well with one of those big wide toothed combs.

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