Got Brooklyn Kinks?

Loved this shirt. Yep, I'm a Atlanta girl, but I'm Brooklyn bred. $15
4 Responses:

I am a Brooklyn girl and while I love the shirt, I do worry a bit about the attention I would garner walking around BK with "kinky brooklyn girl" across by chest. LOL

I love it, but like Brown Babe I'd worry that people might misinterpret the "kinky" part! Maybe if it had a picture of a fro or something...

I love that shirt!!! I wouldn't worry what anyone thought reading that shirt... they could take one look at my fro and know (or choose not to!)... I wonder if they will have those shirts available in plus sizes? An XL will not do it for me! LOL

I would LOVE to have that shirt...but I could not wear it around my church members! LOL

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