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Many of you may know that I am not an advocate for using a brush as a detangling method, that hasn't changed. Finger detangling is still my suggestion and preference. This is why I never owned a denman brush and didn't care too. But out of frustration with unsuccessfully finding brushes that will detangle my 4 year olds hair, I decided to give the Denman a try. During this trial, I found that the Denman is excellent for curl definition especially to create perfect ringlets at the ends of the hair. So while many of you have sworn off this "hair rippin" baby, it does have a convenient and safe use-but not so much as a detangler. I recommend using this brush for styling only and make sure your hair is well saturated with conditioner. It's perfect for creating curls.
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I absolutely agree. The denman is for styling NOT detangling. I made a YouTube video explaning and demonstrating this idea. :)

The Denman works even better if modified to work with your hair texture and thickness. I removed every other row and I use it with every wash/conditioning section. My hair loves it.

I actually flat iron my hair with my Denman. On the Denman site this brush is listed as a blowdrying brush, but I didn't like it that way.

I second the modification route - I've found that by taking out two rows (leaving 3 in) and using fingers first to get out knots, the denman is actually great for detangling and getting shed hairs out. My hair's got to be drenched in conditioner first as well.

I'd love to know how you get them all out by only finger detangling. Is there some special technique to it or does it just not necessarily matter if there are some shed hairs left in there?

I agree with modifying it for detangling. I hated it for detangling when all the rows were in but after I took out every other row it has been my favorite tool for styling. It doesn't feel like it's ripping through my hair anymore and it gets out the extra shed hairs that my fingers and wide tooth combs miss. Reduces fairy knots A LOT!

Thanks for the modication tips ladies. I learned something new because I too took the brush apart to see if I should remove some of the bristles. I will have to try that.

@Amaka. Yes, I mostly detangle with my fingers in the shower with conditioner. It's the same as using a wide tooth comb or brush. Perhaps better because you can feel each kink and knot so that you can easily work it out instead of ripping it with a comb/brush. My hair loves me for it.

I love my Denman. I've modified the rows as well, which makes detangling w/conditioner a breeze. For my hair, just detangling w/fingers and/or a wide toothed comb isn't enough. In fact, I will do all three to detangle.

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